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Fine Arts and Sculpture

David Grigorian

The Eyeball Art

              When I was about twenty four year old, I reflected and understood the significance of eyesight in my life. I quickly started to produce artworks with just the eyeballs that are racing, twisting, flying, and soaring across the space. Behind them are tails and trails of light and energy. The eyes help me see beyond the darkness.

   The Eyes also represent a window to other worlds, dimensions, afterlife, and delivering visions to our reality. I think Surreal Art Style best describes my Eyeball art. It is very dreamlike, out of this world and shows the eyesight for more than just the eyes. 

The Eternal Dance of the Eyes.

The Eyes Seek for what is not there.

The Fire Eyes.

The Eyes of Orangeleria.

The Lava Eyes.

The Yolk Eye.

The Eyes of the X.

The Eyes of the Blizzard.

The Eyes of the Ocean.

The Eyes of Color Unite.

The Eyes of the Bliss.

The Solar Eye.

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