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Fine Arts and Sculpture

David Grigorian


The Best Surreal Art Pieces

The Surrealism movement began in Europe as an after-effect of World War One. The brutality of the repercussions of war started manifesting itself in art in very unusual ways. Surrealism was popular for its writings and visual artworks that focused on the subconscious mind, dreamscapes power, and irrationality. 

With Surreal paintings from Eye Imagination, the artists convey their emotions through simple shapes, colors, symbols, and using juxtapositions. Artists will place ironic and cryptic objects that never fit together in the real world. Surrealism art pieces focus on the subconscious mind and dreams to bring out great painting ideas. 

Our Surreal paintings are unique since they present unsettling character where the viewer is placed on the spot, where he is caught between looking through and being watched by the empty eye. The paintings are cloaked in an atmosphere of melancholy and anxiety and everything including the Surrealist shadowy passages, vacuous architecture, and humanoid forms evoke farcicality of a world that was destroyed by World War I.

Surreal Painting Ideas

The concept of Surrealism is mainly about chaos, illogical portrayals of reality, and an element of surprise. The art pieces are an expression of the omnipotence of dream and psychic automatism. The disregard for visual proportion and conventional construction of the human body may be tied down to surrealist thoughts. Even in the modern day, surrealist artists are principally concerned with a move that is away from rationality and reason to achieve a creative, but free thinking license. 

The best thing about art pieces from the Surrealist period is that they will leave you scratching your head as you wonder what is going on. Surrealist artists use art to showcase the inner workings of their minds, especially in regards to violence and sexuality that are considered to be oppressed frequently even in the modern world. Artists who deal with Surreal painting usually seek psychoanalysis to help them dig up deep and repressed feelings they can use for their inspiration. With Surreal paintings, you will have art pieces that will make you and other viewers think. It is without a doubt that surreal paintings are great art pieces to have in your home or office. 

At Eye Imagination, you can browse through our exclusive collection of surreal portraits and landscape paintings. We are known for producing superior quality products that come at affordable prices. If you are looking for unique surreal paintings, Eye Imagination has everything that you need. We are your one-stop destination for the best surreal paintings for your home or office.

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