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Fine Arts and Sculpture

David Grigorian

Eye Time Capsules

     I call this group of eyeball shaped sculptures that I make out of 25lb high fired clay “The Eyeball Time Capsules” The sculptures are a little bigger than a watermelon and weight about 45lb.

I will usually fill up the inside of the sculpture with plastic debris to make the sculpture solid and more durable.  I would ask a person to provide me with the photos, or I would make the photos myself. Then I paste pictures on the surface of the sculpture as in the examples of pictures above. I believe they make an awesome gift for any occasion, and a long lasting time capsule.  

I'm open for commission. If you are interested in an Eye Time Capsule with your name and photos, please feel free to contact me on e-mail, or find me on Facebook and Instagram. Price range from $600 to $950. I'm open for discussion.

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