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Fine Arts and Sculpture

David Grigorian

The Eye Cosmos.

Eye Eruption.

The Eye Ptashka

The Eye Watermelon. 

The Tomato Eyeball.

The Ancient one.

The Face of My Inner Child

The Two Faced Eyeball.

The Sun Eyeball.

The Diva Eye

The Eye Machine

The Kavot Forever.

The Eye Starship.

I  make high fired clay eyeball sculptures. The size of sculptures is around 17”X18”X18” and 48 pounds. The sculptures are a little bigger that a watermelon. The inside of sculptures is filled with plastics, debris and other pieces to make them solid and to recycle. The Eye Sculptures directly relate to my Eyeball Art paintings. They were inspired by other worlds and dimensions.  When an Eye comes to this world, it becomes solid such as the examples below. It loses power by a half. The eye will regain it's full power as soon as it leaves this world again!

The Eyeball Sculptures

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