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Fine Arts and Sculpture

David Grigorian

Chinese Dragons

Beautiful Chinese Dragon Paintings

The Chinese dragon has played a crucial role in the Chinese culture for centuries. The images of these dragons have been discovered on relics that date back to the Stone Age. In the Chinese culture, the dragons are not dangerous but are highly benevolent. This is unlike the angry roaring images of dragons that are found in Western art pieces representing demons and evil. The Chinese dragon symbolizes cosmic energy, signals royalty, and promotes good fortunes. These dragons are masters of transformation and they symbolize the life forces of yang and yin. 

Chinese dragons are associated with water, particularly waterfalls, seas, rain, and rivers. In the past, villages that were near water bodies had temples that were dedicated to the dragon king. Dragons are also one of the twelve signs found on the Chinese zodiac and they played a major role in seasonal celebrations such as the Chinese New Year. Dragons were used to symbolize powerful people and were mainly engraved on Imperial art objects.

Unique Paintings

At Eye Imagination, we have a wide range of paintings of the Chinese dragon. Every art work that we have is unique and original. When you purchase art pieces from us, there is a high chance that you will be the only person in the world who will have such a work of art. You can rest assured that our original paintings of the Chinese dragon are one of a kind and this makes them a good investment. 

Get Inspired

With Chinese dragon paintings from Eye Imagination, you will be inspired. This is because our art pieces always have a story behind it since they are our talking point. You can rest assured that our dragon art pieces are not only beautiful, but they are extremely empowering. The energy in our painting and sculptures will uplift your spirits. You can give yourself a gift of every day inspiration by buying a painting from us. You can be confident that you will have something special that you will enjoy having on your walls. 

Makes Your House Feel Like a Home

If you want to make your space feel and look like a home, our Chinese dragon paintings are what you need. If you are unable to decorate or paint the walls to your taste, getting beautiful paintings that you love will make your house feel like yours and will transform your space. The best thing about beautiful paintings is that you can always go with them whenever you are relocating. It is much easier to carry your paintings with you when compared to bulky furniture pieces. Getting an original Chinese dragon art piece from Eye Imagination is a valuable investment today and in the future.

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